Srdjan Nogo: Serbia should ban operation of Soros organizations

The author is Serbian Parliament Member Srdjan Nogo

Serbia should ban operation of all organizations funded by George Soros, and arrest or banish all his agents.

Soros is a leading world terrorist and a criminal responsible for destruction and robbery of many countries, with Serbian people as one of his first and greatest victims. This is why Serbia must not be the sanctuary and safe house for Soros’s network any longer, and why it has to do what Russia and Hungary have done before.

The wind of geopolitical changes is felt all over the world. After the beginning of the end of the European Union, election of Donald Tramp for the president of the United States of America, but also strengthening of the sovereign powers all over Europe, there comes a time when all the structures that have been initiators of globalist and neo-globalist colonialist aspirations are to be changed.

One of the initiators of the wave of new colonialism worldwide is the CANVAS (Centre for Applied Nonviolent Action and Strategies) organization which is one of the first on the list of organizations that should be banned. The founders and leaders of this organization are former leaders of the OTPOR organization, Srdja Popović and Slobodan Djinović. Having gained fame for the first successful colour revolution which lead to establishment of colonial government in Serbia, they created CANVAS, the organization for execution of coups, and were engaged worldwide by CIA to change regimes that were disapproved by George Soros, the Clintons, and other world speculators and venturers.

Finally, conditions for banning and sanctioning operation of this organization, and investigation of their activities which contain some elements of criminal acts are created, the reasons are as follows:

  1. CANVAS trained activists from about 50 countries who were the protagonists, among other things, of the so called colour revolutions in Ukraine, Georgia, Egypt, Tunisia, as well as of the unsuccessfully attempted revolutions in Belarus, Russia, China, and Syria.

  1. CANVAS and Srdja Popović are involved in organization of protests against Donald Tramp, elect president of the USA. If we wish to develop better relations with newly elected administration in America, we have to ban operation of the globalist venturers who, in this way, jeopardize national security of the Republic of Serbia.

  1. CANVAS harms reputation of the University of Belgrade since the teaching subject Methods and Tactics of Nonviolent Action is misused for training of colour revolutionaries from all over the world at the Faculty of Political Sciences. I wonder what kind of training it is that lasts one month at the Faculty of the Political Sciences and is attended by the citizens of Egypt, PR of China and other countries where CANVAS has performed subversive activities?


  1. CANVAS has been designated as a terrorist organisation side by side with Islamic Republic and Al-Qaeda by the UAE government (see more at: List of groups designated terrorist organisations by the UAE). Popović has expanded the network of his organization to over 50 countries and they are directly responsible for changing numerous legitimate regimes all over the world and expansion of globalist chaos. They who have made miserable tens of millions of people should be accountable for it.

It is time for Serbia to get free from this criminal octopus and call the Soros agentry to account.

This text was originally publish in january 20. 2017, but doesn’t exist anymore on internet, so we publish it again. Author is member of Serbian Parliament.

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